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Metabolizing Life

Ultimately, both physically and psychically, metabolism is controlled
by the same Force that creates life; It is beyond human agency. We
could say that it is the sum total of all Self-regulating processes which
belong to human survival and growth. Since all experience happens…


Molecules of the Body and Meanings in the Psyche

What we call “health” is dependent upon our knowing when we are
operating from the felt flow of the’ Perfection of What Is’ and when
our thoughts, feelings, actions are motivated by our need to change
what we can not accept or tolerate. That ‘need to change’ anyone or
any experience will register in the body and psyche as distress…

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A Breathing Class?

By learning to breathe well, you’ll also begin to feel better on a physical level.  Relaxation research indicates that proper breathing can help ward off disease by making people less vulnerable to viral infections and by lowering blood pressure and improving cardiovascular health. The breath retraining process shows…

Reasons Breathing Through Your Nose is Good for You

Heightens your sense of smell, linking it to the limbic system—the seat of your emotional body—to allow you to make more choices about how you feel about things you encounter in your immediate environment.

Maintains your sense of hearing by cleaning the environment around the inner auditory tube at the back of the upper throat, to keep it free from stagnating debris…

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