In this podcast I will speak to the conflicts that are happening in our political system and what it is doing to peoples breathing patterns. You may find the podcast helpful if you have been experiencing extra anxiety as of late. We discuss some breathing habits that might be contributing to keeping your nervous system in “fight or flight”.

No matter what your political beliefs this seems to be a time when the people of our country and the world are polarized resulting in an “us and them” mentality. When we live is this dynamic of “right and wrong” it effects our breathing as if how we breathe is either right or wrong. This kind of pressure whether from the outside or the inside causes our breathing to become tight, shallow and lacks the feeling of nourishment needed for healthy restorative breathing. Our attitudes are reflected in our breathing patterns.

While sometimes it might feel good to be angry and righteous, it is not in our long term best interest health wise. Our bodies are not meant to sustain the energy of conflict and “flight and fight” over long periods of time. This mechanism of “flight and fight” in our nervous system is meant as a survival tactic from immediate danger that usually do not last but a few minutes. The constancy of always being on alert will eventually tear down and weaken our biology.

Listen to this podcast for some thoughts on how to break the spell of fear and return to periods of feeling rested and nourished.

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