Sea Dreams – Continuum on the Atlantic Ocean – September 28th – October 5th 2019

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Sea Dreams – Continuum on the Atlantic Ocean – September 28th – October 5th 2019

September 30 @ 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

- $900

The Ocean dreamt us, and calls us now to a new dreaming. Imagine 7 days with her:
moving on her beach, immersed and sounding into her waves; scanning her undulant
vastness from the deck of an ocean front beach house surrounded by your fluid, breathing,
and heartful Continuum community. You take her body into your body. You remember her
body is your body.
What dreams will you bring: ones that dissolve memories or patterns that do not serve
you? Ones that initiate new vision and life rhythm that will? Will you come for rest and
restoration? Will you come to remember the fire? Will you come to dive into the mystery?
Will you come to offer yourself to life?
In the weeks before this gathering, we will tune to one another in virtual online meetings
to prepare the communal field. We will co-create Continuum dives as portals, practices, and
inquiries, but intend primarily to be open and available to the emergent unexpected.
In communion with the sea and each other, we will tune ourselves to the essential and
mysterious “nowplay” of love. We will draw power from the wildness of the sea, from
dreams, from each other, and from loving sensory awareness.
We aspire to hold the container of this time lightly, and imagine substantial time in both
silence and authentic social aliveness. We will arrange simple nourishing meals tailored to
support the individual and the community.
This Ocean Continuum gathering is designed for people with Continuum experience. If
it appeals to you and you are new to Continuum, please seek out a local teacher and contact
Robert or Cory to discuss.
~~ Sea Dreams ~~
This gathering envisions 15 to 20 Aquaphilic Continuumistas coming together for an alchemical
oceanic-bio-soul fantasia. Here are pictures of a few possible beach houses we might use on the
North Carolina Outer Banks.
As we approach the 3rd decade of the 21st century we are aware of the velocity of life and the many
demands on our time, finances, and planet. We intend to keep the cost of this retreat to $900.
We write you now to determine whether this is the right time for this offering.
Please let us know at your earliest convenience
if this calls to you and the likelihood of your attending.
In All Event, we wish you Passion and Peace and Fluidity,
Robert & Cory
(206-707-1639) (804-304-6299)
Cory Blake came to Continuum through the ocean and
music. My teacher, the Mexican mystic, poet, and guitarist Jesus Silva,
introduced me to the idea that music and nature herself were the best
teachers. If I really listened deeply, everything I needed to know about music,
and living a beautiful life, would be revealed. When Emilie and Susan
opened me to Continuum in the early 90s, that truth became visceral; an
organic authenticity that spread throughout my entire being. Like so many,
coming to Continuum was coming home.
Training in Yoga, Tai Chi, and meditation was also ground from which I
slipped into the waters of Continuum. Although much of my livelihood over
the last 40 years has come from teaching in universities and other settings, I
think of myself more simply as one who shares what he loves. After 10 years
as a music therapist, Duke Certified Health coach, and Continuum teacher
working with veterans, I co-authored the book “Overcoming Post-
Deployment Syndrome” that espoused Continuum principles. Because
Continuum nourishes us right where we are, I have enjoyed working with a
remarkably wide spectrum of people: enlightened mid-journey women,
paraplegics, 20-year-old hot shot guitarists, banged up war veterans, and the
I have co-created a Continuum community in Richmond, VA. When I am
privileged to listen to, wonder, and share with a person or group, the question
that most informs our inquiry is: How would we be and how would we move
if our being and movement were expressions of simple kindness?
Robert Litman has spent the last 30 years guiding
clients and students in the use of movement, breath and sound as a tool for
personal growth, restoring healthy breathing rhythms, structural alignment,
and efficient body mechanics. He is the creator of The Breathable Body
He co-developed the Wellsprings Practitioner Program with Emilie
Conrad, founder of Continuum Movement and co-taught with her for 18
years. As a member of the faculty of Continuum Movement he made
many contributions to Continuum’s practices, particularly in the sciences,
incorporating respiratory physiology, neuroanatomy and cellular biology.
Robert has been studying with Susan Harper, creator of Continuum
Montage, for over 20 years and has co-taught with Susan. He has an
advanced certification in the Duggan/French Approach to Somatic Pattern
Recognition, which has provided him with hands on skills to help guide
clients’ movement and breath education awareness processes.
He created the The Breathable Body in 2003 after being certified in The
Buteyko Method of Breathing Retraining.
Robert now makes his home on Vashon Island, WA., continuing to offer
private sessions and classes in movement and breathing. He regularly leads
classes and workshops.


September 30
10:00 am - 6:00 pm
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