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I began studying online with Robert after watching his 30-minute video on breathing and anxiety. Migraines and other symptoms that I thought were anxiety related were the motivating factor to study breath. My history includes decades of yoga, massage, meditation and other body therapies as well as all the medical field had to offer. Even with all that searching and training I found I was an upper chest breather most of the time in fight or flight cutting off movement to most of my body. My breaths were intentional and disciplined working against the natural rhythm of my heart and lungs.

Working with Robert began with a series of zoom sessions enriched by emails to observe and communicate how I was breathing and how that might be contributing to anxiety and migraine as well as some other symptoms. Robert skillfully led me into myself, through the breath and Continuum Moving Inquiry, to find the places where the breath could rest and settle and to notice where in the body tension patterns blocked movement of breath. We work with breath, sounds and movement to open and wake up these lost abandoned spaces within. From this process of going within migraines are almost nonexistent and when they come, I can work with them to keep them moderate. With continued practice I expect to be migraine free.

I am so grateful to Robert for his training and soft gentle way he has led me to unwind tangled parts of me that have kept me from myself.

Roxanne RhodesPA

I am feeling great. I cut the Advair down to one puff in the morning.  I have not used a rescue inhaler since I saw you.  My oxygen saturation levels are way up and I am now working getting off the O2 machine as soon as I can.  I continue to do 60 minutes of breathing exercises a day, but I like to do the exercises so it is no big deal.  I am back outside, allergies are gone and like I said, I feel great.  


I just wanted to let you know of a few things I carried away from my time with you.  First, on Sat. I ran 25 x 400 meters @ 90 secs. with a 100 meter interval breathing only nasally.  Although these were relatively slow quarters, I was anxious at first until I saw that it was possible.  Actually, the first 200s were nothing; only the last 100s were a bit of a struggle.  A big consequence, however, is that just like after the 10-mile run I did on the 23rd I felt much less stiffness, soreness than I would normally feel after those workouts.  I’m not sure why exactly but it was very different.  Another change is that, since I warmed the 36 degree air through my nostrils, my throat was fine afterward.  And my mucous production has been way down after all my runs since I started nasal breathing.  So nice not to be clearing my throat all the time–especially when trying to sing.


Am doing much better.  Have pretty much gotten rid of all meds.  Every once in a while maybe once a month at the most I take a hit off my albuterol inhaler.  But I’ve gone as long as 8 months without anything.   Anyway, I am a good example of how Buteyko works.  My Control Pause is regularly over 40, sometimes 50.  Thank you so much for basically saving my life!


Thank you for the class.  A few interesting happenings for me – I am very relaxed and I am sleeping more soundly and longer.  An another interesting happening with my memory.  I read an aticle on a Thursday and was asked to recall some parts of the article on Tuesday of the following week.  I could remember many details that most people could not in my class – I shocked myself for the article was not one I would normally remember or care to remember except for the flavor of the article!!!!!!  I am delighted with the results.


Since learning the Buteyko method, I am now able to physically do things that were impossible before.

Before I couldn’t swim across the width of the pool without gasping for breath and I would just quit swimming. Now I play water polo on a club 2x/wk for 1 1/2 hrs, plus games 1x/wk

Before I couldn’t run in PE and always walked. This past year in school I ran laps everyday in PE from 1/4 to 1 mile. (I still walked a little bit).

I still use the steroid inhaler and Foradil but I haven’t used Albuteral since learning Buteyko (except once when I went to 6th grade camp in the mountains). I don’t do the exercises as often as I should, and maybe if I did I wouldn’t need the Foradil. But I would recommend it to anyone who can’t do the activities they want because breathing is too hard.

Greta Age 12

Dear Robert

The Buteyko method has helped me a lot.  I used to have breathing problems but after using this technique, I don’t have them anymore.  I can also recover faster than before from physical activity.  I can run harder and not feel tired.

Thank you

KemperAge 13