The Buteyko Technique of Retraining Your Breathing

The Buteyko technique is a proven, drug-free, safe, and highly effective way to control asthma, allergies, COPD, anxiety, sleep disturbances, angina, digestive challenges, and other breathing related disorders. By re-training and normalizing your breathing using a series of exercises that can be learned by anyone (children as young as 4 have mastered the skills with dramatic results) you can control your breathing related symptoms. The technique was developed by a Russian physician, Dr. Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko, and has been adopted as routine treatment for asthma throughout the world.

Clinical trials sponsored by the Australian Association of Asthma Foundations at the Mater Hospital in Brisbane, Australia showed that asthmatics trained in the Buteyko Technique reduced asthma symptoms and dramatically lowered preventer and short term inhaler use. And the results are lasting. Three months after being trained in the Buteyko technique chronic asthmatics reported a 96 percent decrease in reliever (inhaler) use, 29 percent reduction in preventer use and 81 percent fewer symptoms.

How Does Buteyko Work?

During an asthma or allergy attacks as well as during anxiety and panic attacks there is a blood gas imbalance caused by labored breathing. Carbon dioxide (CO2) levels play an important role in how much oxygen the blood can release to body cells/tissues. During labored breathing, (hyperventilating), the body expels too much carbon dioxide and body cells and tissues are deprived of oxygen, leaving the person feeling breathless. This phenomenon is known as the Bohr Effect.

By using the Buteyko technique to regulate your CO2 levels and restore normal breathing patterns, you use your body’s own regulating mechanism rather than a drug to avoid an attack.

Why Buteyko Can Be Better Than Inhalers & Pills

While asthma medications have improved in recent years, they are still powerful drugs with potential side effects. We won’t tell you to throw away your medications away. But if your experiences are like those of thousands of Buteyko trainees worldwide, you’ll find your need for the drugs dramatically reduced.

The Buteyko technique has also proven to be highly effective at improving overall sports performance and in controlling ETA (Exercise Induced Asthma) and other breathing disorders (allergies, emphysema, sleep apnea, snoring, insomnia, night terrors, anxiety and panic attacks.

Learning Buteyko: Easy, Quick, Affordable And Effective

Classes are small and are held in pleasant surroundings. Private Sessions are available on-line or in your home on Vashon Island. Classes consist of a total of 8-10 hours of instruction over a three, four or five day format with two follow up calls.

For less than the cost of many medications you can “own” a lifetime technique for managing your breathing related challenges that is effective and safe

You will always have the Buteyko technique with you to call upon.

Educational Capnography

I make use of an educational capnograph to measure end tidal CO2 levels and respiratory health. The results are visually displayed allowing for a deeper connection, and awareness of your breathing process and to help recognize and rectify dysfunctional breathing habits that interrupt and compromise respiratory health.