Sa – Ha Guided Meditation

The purpose of the Sa~Ha meditation is to have a quiet and easeful experience of moving air in and out of your body. You can practice this anytime, anywhere, in any posture that maintains good breathing.

Sighing and Yawning- What’s that about?

Frequent sighing and yawning, at the most basic level, is an indication of a body that is under extreme stress and oxygen deprived.  Stress that is inducing a person to feel overwhelmed, tired and breathless...
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The Air We Share

Everybody breathes. We are born, in most cases, with the capacity to breathe in ways that nourish our bodies and minds. When we are breathing well, breath enters the body with almost no manipulation or control on our part. Then, as breathing moves unrestricted, breath and ...

Fluid Movement of a Cheetah

Watch this Cheetah movement in slow motion produced by National Geographic.  It is a perfect example of how to move with ease, power, grace and determination. Watch how the cheetah never varies it eyes from the prey, balances its forward trajectory with its tail and how gingerly it places it paws...

Breathing and Your Health – A Video Lecture with Robert Litman

Entry into a relationship with one’s breath and how the body responds to the changing pressures of the flow of air is an essential component of staying healthy. giving ourselves the best chance to live fully. The importance of breathing cannot be overstated. The human body's top priority for nourishment is breath
Cannabis THC and Effects on Breathing Asthma and COPD
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Cannabis – THC and Effects on Breathing, Asthma, and COPD

Well, it's interesting about what the other things that drive breathing is the ratio between carbon dioxide and oxygen in the system. Then most of the time we think about the oxygen as a nutrient and carbon dioxide is the waste gas. And actually the truth of that is carbon dioxide regulates the distribution of oxygen in our bodies. So when I talked about hyperventilating, the reason we faint is because the carbon levels get so low because we're blowing it out all the time that the oxygen distribution to the brain slows down...
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Breathing and Renewal a Podcast

Equally important is how conscious nose breathing triggers the Rest and Settle response of the parasympathetic aspect of the nervous system. This Rest and Settle response is the opposite of the activation of the Fight and Flight response when we mouth breathe and when our minds and imagination of possible future fears are running the show....
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Metabolizing Life

Ultimately, both physically and psychically, metabolism is controlled by the same Force that creates life; It is beyond human agency. We could say that it is the sum total of all Self-regulating processes which belong to human survival and growth. Since all experience happens...

Molecules of the Body and Meanings in the Psyche

What we call “health” is dependent upon our knowing when we are operating from the felt flow of the’ Perfection of What Is’ and when our thoughts, feelings, actions are motivated by our need to change what we can not accept or tolerate. That ‘need to change’ anyone or any experience will register in the body and psyche as distress...
A Class in Breathing
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A Breathing Class?

By learning to breathe well, you’ll also begin to feel better on a physical level.  Relaxation research indicates that proper breathing can help ward off disease by making people less vulnerable to viral infections and by lowering blood pressure and improving cardiovascular health. The breath retraining process shows...

Reasons Breathing Through Your Nose is Good for You

Heightens your sense of smell, linking it to the limbic system—the seat of your emotional body—to allow you to make more choices about how you feel about things you encounter in your immediate environment. Maintains your sense of hearing by cleaning the environment around the inner auditory tube at the back of the upper throat, to keep it free from stagnating debris...