Buteyko Breathing Technique Endorsed by Dr. Joseph Mercola

Dr. Mercola talks about the Buteyko Breathing Technique

Last November Dr. Mercola wrote an article for his on-line newsletter expressing his experiences learning and applying the Buteyko Breathing Technique.

The Buteyko Breathing Technique, created by Dr. K. Buteyko of Russia is a scientifically proven method to help manage and reduce the symptoms of asthma (as well as other breathing related challenges such as allergies, anxiety and sleep disorders) and as a result can decrease the use of medications that are normally used to manage these conditions.

The Buteyko Breathing Technique came into popularity in the late 1980’s when the Iron Curtain came down in Russia and Dr. Buteyko and his staff were invited to Australia to share their discoveries. It was being used in Russia for many years after Dr. Buteyko proved its efficacy in Russian clinic trials.

Popularity of Buteyko rose after a study conducted by the Australian Asthma Foundation, comparing the Buteyko technique with the standard of practice at the time, physical therapy.  The results were outstanding. In the three month study, those who use the Buteyko technique have an 81% reduction in symptoms, 96% reduction in rescue inhaler usage and a 49% reduction in steroid use.  As a result of this study and the training of educators, the Buteyko Institute of Breathing and Health was created helping to set standards of practice and promotion of the Buteyko technique.

The Buteyko technique continues to grow worldwide. In 2010 the Buteyko Breathing Educator Association (BBEA) was established in North America and now has a membership of close to one hundred educators. The BBEA sets ethical standards to protect clients and practitioners. Promotes marketing of the Buteyko technique and offers comprehensive training for new educators and continuing education of the latest developments in medications and respiratory health.

As a result of studies proving the science behind Buteyko at Southern Methodist University in the US, New Zealand, England and Canada the Buteyko technique has been expanded to be an effective program for sleep apnea, snoring, anxiety and panic attacks, digestive disorders, angina and muscle soreness.

As a Buteyko Educator for the past 11 years I am pleased that Dr. Mercola took the Buteyko course, uses it for his own health and decided to publish an article about Buteyko.

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