Cannabis – THC and Effects on Breathing, Asthma, and COPD

This podcast arose out of a conversation between Robert and Shango Los about the historical evidence that cannabis had been used to alleviate the symptoms of asthma. There is curiosity about how today’s variety of ways to get cannabis in the body can be useful for this purpose. We discuss dabbing, smoking, vaping, eating and tinctures and their effects on Breathing, Asthma, and COPD.

One of the important effects of certain strains of cannabis is how it can enhance one’s ability to “feel” the body and how it is moving in response breathing. By being able to give this process more acute attention, Read more

Breath Flows Where Imagination Goes a Podcast with Robert Litman

In this podcast I will speak to the conflicts that are happening in our political system and what it is doing to peoples breathing patterns. You may find the podcast helpful if you have been experiencing extra anxiety as of late. We discuss some breathing habits that might be contributing to keeping your nervous system in “fight or flight”.

No matter what your political beliefs this seems to be a time when the people of our country and the world are polarized resulting in an “us and them” mentality. When we live is this dynamic of “right and wrong” it effects our breathing as if how we breathe is either right or wrong. This kind of pressure whether from the outside or the inside causes our breathing to become tight, shallow and lacks the feeling of nourishment needed for healthy restorative breathing. Our attitudes are reflected in our breathing patterns.

While sometimes it might feel good to be angry and righteous, it is not in our long term best interest health wise. Our bodies are not meant to sustain the energy of conflict and “flight and fight” over long periods of time. This mechanism of “flight and fight” in our nervous system is meant as a survival tactic from immediate danger that usually do not last but a few minutes. The constancy of always being on alert will eventually tear down and weaken our biology.

Listen to this podcast for some thoughts on how to break the spell of fear and return to periods of feeling rested and nourished.

Give a listen to learn more: Listen to the Breath Flows Where Imagination Goes Podcast

Breathing and Renewal a Podcast

In this Breathing and Renewal Podcast I am speaking with Koshin Chris Cain of the Puget Sound Zen Center on Vashon Island, Washington about the transformational power of breath that can occur when one brings their attention to the relationship between the movement of breath and the movement of the body Read more

Metabolizing Life

Metabolizing Life by Carole Burstein

The sum of all chemical reactions within a living organism is known
as metabolism. Metabolism is a vital process for all life forms — not
just humans It is present ‘from womb to tomb’. If metabolism stops, a
living thing dies Read more

Molecules of the Body and Meanings in the Psyche

Carole Burstein

Just as the body is a whole organism whose functioning depends on
complex interactions among molecules, cells, tissues, and systems,
so too, the human psyche operates according to interactions among
thought, feeling, images, stories, and sensory perceptions.

Both ‘molecules and meanings’ offer vital clues about the Mystery of
the human experience that can help us shift Read more

A Breathing Class?

Many people are surprised when they hear that my area of expertise, and my passion, is teaching people about the art and science of breathing.  This surprise is understandable because, for most people, breathing is entirely unconscious and taken for granted.  After all, you’re alive, therefore you breathe, and Read more

The Relationship between Breathing and Anxiety


Anxiety is a terrible thing, unnerving and sometimes literally paralyzing, an enemy within.  When anxiety strikes, breathing changes and the connection between breathing and anxiety becomes more obvious. Most of us experience it in some form or another, in part because we are all subject to the well-known fight or flight syndrome, a deeply buried part of our ancestral mind, the limbic system. This relationship between how we breathe and this state of anxiety is meant to save our life.  Many things make us anxious: driving, TV, exams, medical procedures, crowds, public speaking—the list goes on, tailor-made to suit our individual personalities.

Whatever the source of anxiety and its relationship to breathing, the physiological effects are very much the same: an accelerated pulse, clamminess, trembling, tightened muscles of the throat and chest wall, and hyperventilation. The last is a largely short-term condition involving fast, shallow breathing from the chest and a swift loss in carbon dioxide, thus depriving the body of oxygen and triggering harmful changes in the body’s metabolism. The lack of oxygen and disturbed acid/alkaline balance in the body compound the anxiety change our relationship to breathing, often causing dizziness and blurred vision, among other effects.

If you have experienced anything like those symptoms, then you know how disorienting and debilitating they can be. We cannot often control the stressors that cause our anxiety, but, fortunately, we can do something about how we respond to them by learning how our breathing changes when anxiety appears.

Doctors and therapists have long recommended breathing exercises to control the muscles of the diaphragm in the treatment of anxiety. These exercises are on the right track, but there is more to them than all that. Learning how to balance respiratory blood gases and understand how this balance effects our breathing and it’s relationship to breathing,  helps to restore breathing rhythms can reduced the symptoms of anxiety and may help to eliminate them altogether.

Buteyko Breathing Technique Endorsed by Dr. Joseph Mercola

Dr. Mercola talks about the Buteyko Breathing Technique

Last November Dr. Mercola wrote an article for his on-line newsletter expressing his experiences learning and applying the Buteyko Breathing Technique.

The Buteyko Breathing Technique, created by Dr. K. Buteyko of Russia is a scientifically proven method to help manage and reduce the symptoms of asthma (as well as other breathing related challenges such as allergies, anxiety and sleep disorders) and as a result can decrease the use of medications that are normally used to manage these conditions.

The Buteyko Breathing Technique came into popularity in the late 1980’s when the Iron Curtain came down in Russia and Dr. Buteyko and his staff were invited to Australia to share their discoveries. It was being used in Read more