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Breathing and Renewal a Podcast

In this Breathing and Renewal Podcast I am speaking with Koshin Chris Cain of the Puget Sound Zen Center on Vashon Island, Washington about the transformational power of breath that can occur when one brings their attention to the relationship between the movement of breath and the movement of the body


This power is seen in two aspects if this contemplative practice.

The first is noticing how the mind becomes interested and quiets itself as it observes the relationship between breathing and the phenomenon of movement.

The second and equally important is how conscious nose breathing triggers the Rest and Settle response of the parasympathetic aspect of the nervous system. This Rest and Settle response is the opposite of the activation of the Fight and Flight response when we mouth breathe and when our minds and imagination of possible future fears are running the show.

Give a listen to learn more: Listen to the Breathing and Renewal Podcast

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