Molecules of the Body and Meanings in the Psyche

Carole Burstein livinginquirymaui.com

Just as the body is a whole organism whose functioning depends on
complex interactions among molecules, cells, tissues, and systems,
so too, the human psyche operates according to interactions among
thought, feeling, images, stories, and sensory perceptions.

Both ‘molecules and meanings’ offer vital clues about the Mystery of
the human experience that can help us shift

from the fear-based reality of
our cultural/family conditioning, to a Love/resonance based existence.
Portals for this transformational process can arise in the guise of any
conflict, overwhelm, confusion, blame, “negative” state or behavior.
Any distress – whether from thought, emotion, dream, fantasy or
behavior, points to a past trauma as well as to future possibilities of
increased wholeness. These uncomfortable signaling states arise as
opportunities and invitations to resolve suffering – both known and as
yet unidentified. Any disturbing experience in the body or of the
psyche,” can open the door for a paradigm shift from unconscious
stress to consciousness grounded in Love.

We are continuously affected by innumerable influences from both
internal and external environments. Challenging experiences of
everyday life ‘stress’, compromise the functioning of both body and
psyche and show up both on the level of our molecule and our
meaning systems.

What we call “health” is dependent upon our knowing when we are
operating from the felt flow of the’ Perfection of What Is’ and when
our thoughts, feelings, actions are motivated by our need to change
what we can not accept or tolerate. That ‘need to change’ anyone or
any experience will register in the body and psyche as distress. As
we all know, accumulated stress and distress put us at risk for
disease or ’accident’.

We open our physical tissues and our psyche’s awareness to the fluid
resonance at the core of being human, our past traumas become
guides to greater well-being, freedom, joy and health on every level
of existence.

© Copyright - Robert Litman The Breathable Body at the Vashon Breathing Center