Podcast – Breath, Cannabis & Coronavirus

Robert Litman of The Breathable Body, Movement and Breathing Educator for the past 32 years discusses with Periodic Effects, maker of marijuana edibles in Oregon, the current dynamics of Breath, Cannabis and Coronavirus. They talk about the implications of smoking and vaping during this pandemic. Including the current atmospheric conditions that contain high levels of pollutants and how that has compromised people’s heart and respiratory functions. Their conversation includes information on the science of breathing and why it is important to be more conscious of the relationships between breathing and lungs and body responses. There are also some tips on breathing that will support healthy functioning and how to take care if you smoke and or vape.


Cannabis – THC and Effects on Breathing, Asthma, and COPD

This podcast arose out of a conversation between Robert and Shango Los about the historical evidence that cannabis had been used to alleviate the symptoms of asthma. There is curiosity about how today’s variety of ways to get cannabis in the body can be useful for this purpose. We discuss dabbing, smoking, vaping, eating and tinctures and their effects on Breathing, Asthma, and COPD.

One of the important effects of certain strains of cannabis is how it can enhance one’s ability to “feel” the body and how it is moving in response breathing. By being able to give this process more acute attention, Read more